About Dawn

Dawn Thompson is a Intuitive strategist leader and transformation life coach. Located in Columbus, Ohio her ability to transform a traumatic past brought her to the path of helping others.

She is an ordained minister educated in

  • reiki

  • polarity therapy

  • compassionate communication

  • psychic and medium readings

  • realm and angelic readings

  • somatic intelligence

  • woman’s empowerment leadership

  • European bee shamanism

  • couple’s life coaching

Her own life experience combined with extensive training and psychic abilities, have gifted her a variety of unique tools for the purpose of your healing.

Dawn is the author of “The Authentic Codes” and “Journey into Healing Anxiety”

Join her at one of her workshops, ecstatic dance parties, or treat yourself to her woman’s retreats for ultimate healing fun!

Dawn spends her time balancing work,traveling, being a mom, and cuddling her dog Miko.

Contact her if you would like one of her workshops (see events) in your hometown!