In a world now exposed to massive chaos, fear, depression and REPRESSION... woman must gather together. We must gather now more than EVER! Join Dawn of the New Era, and Cass from Kali Holistic Healing as they takes you on a journey to healing. Dawn creates a comfortable bridge between the collective suffering and your own personal wounds. Cass helps to clear and create more space and healing in the physical body. Together we create space for making a new world of harmony and balance. 

About the workshop:

The Eve and Lilith archetype meet Kali

Religion and culture in the United States has one main model for the 'proper' way to be as a woman. This feminine aspect show's up as the Eve Archetype. "Sugar, spice, and everything nice." Unfortunately, that representation can leave you feeling repressed and martyred. The reemergence of Lilith has taken place in the last few years. She's back activated in your psyche and she is PISSED. Thousands of years of repression activated in our cells rising from deep within our psyche.

In this workshop, Dawn will share the two aspects of the divine female polarity. You will be guided into a deep state of somatic awareness, where you will meet your personal expression of Eve/Lilith and bridge their relationship. The strong emotions that once made you feel powerless are witnessed and integrated in a gentle manner. 

Kali, the goddess of motherly love comes into the picture as she assists with detoxifying and purifying our wombs through this process. Cass will be serving Kali as she prepares organic herbal yoni steams for anyone who wishes to partake. 

Yoni means womb in Sanskrit. Steaming is an ancient practice that helps to regulate a women's body. It can alleviate symptoms of menses such as cramping and bloating. It can reduce or increase blood flow during menses. It can increase fertility. Steaming can help the vagina to heal and tone after birth. It can assist with pH imbalance, ovarian cysts, prolapsed uterus, uterine fibroids, hemorrhoids and other vaginal imbalances. It also creates a lovely environment for healing if there has ever been trauma (I.e sexual trauma, birth trauma, etc) and detoxifies your body. Cass' goal is to normalize this practice so that all yoni's can feel happy and cared for from the inside out.

Together, we will create a space for the unification of Eve and Lilith. Utilizing the goddess Kali as a bridge to transmute any illusion that keeps us from an illuminated path. Conciousness becomes less polarized (all or nothing thinking) and a healing communication between mind/yoni is established. 


Dawn Thompson is a modern intuitive medicine woman located in Columbus, OH. After a 25 year intense initiation, she discovered her ability to help others heal from past trauma and embody their path. Descendant from powerful Hungarian gypsy lineage; Magic and intuition is in her blood line. After training in multiple healing modalities she developed her own techniques to guide others into mental, spiritual and psychical health. Dawn currently has monthly radio show and hosts workshops across the United states. She enjoys Nature, Ceremony, and delighting in the five

Cass Briscoe is a healer located in Oakland, CA is A level one Theta healing practitioner. After 5 years of study of modalities such as Ayurveda, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, meditation, she is excited to offer theta-healing and yoni steams to all. Theta-healing works on the subconscious level to aid in healing physically, emotionally and spirituality. The yoni steam practice serves as a beacon to help women reconnect with their bodies through the wisdom of plant and ancient medicine. 

Workshop cost is $50