Treat yourself to relaxation, connection, and pure summer bliss!
Join Kerry Me To The Moon and Dawn Of The New Era for a woman’s gathering like no other. 

In our hectic world you need down time, nurturance, and time to explore. This is an affordable 24 hour retreat to explore your authentic self through optional journaling, movement, ceremony, meditation and authentic heart sharing. 
Here is a chance to slow down and let Kerry and Dawn nurture you, and recharge your inner knowing of Self.

July 27th is middle of the eclipse season. 
We will have a full moon eclipse on this evening.
This is a scared time to get into nature and retreat to the woods, and surround yourself with a group of supportive women who will embrace all of our collective and individual essence.

Retreat includes:
Guided magical meditations
Organic home prepared meal/snacks
A room at the corner tree bohemian retreat house, or property to camp with access to all retreat home bathrooms and accommodations.
A mindfulness nature walk around gorgeous wetlands, with natural habitat and wildlife all around.
A mediation labyrinth. 

Retreat Breakdown:
Friday, July 27th

5:00 pm Arrival & Welcome
Settle into your rooms or camp sites, introduce yourself, and have a cup of tea. Heavy snacks provided. Female grazing! 

7:00 pm Opening Ceremony & “Goddess Code of Living” Workshop with Dawn and Kerry

9:30 pm Bonfire and Movement with Dawn and Kerry
We will gather around the sacred fire for breath, movement, and connection. We will let the element of fire cleanse away the stagnant energy holding us back!
Desserts and Bonfire treats!
You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or beverage of choice for campfire gathering. 

9:00 am Breakfast
Start your morning with a variety of clean, organic breakfast food items, coffee, tea, lemon water. Morning beverages and light snacks available for the early risers. You are welcome to skip the meal if fasting is your way, and enjoy a stroll around the beautiful wetlands to connect with the morning earth vibes and energy.

10:30 am “Journey into the Heart” with Dawn of the New Era

1:00pm Lunch
Fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, and other healthy lunch snacks will be set-up for all guests to enjoy. The meal will have vegetarian, gluten free options. 

2:00 PM “Journey to Calm Balanced Living” (adapted version of journey to healing anxiety) and final closing mediations.

5:00 pm Departure feeling alive, refreshed, connected and ready to enjoy your Saturday evening in continued rest or with your family & friends.

Co-Host: Dawn of the New Era
Dawn Thompson is a modern medicine woman located in Columbus, OH. After 25 years of intense initiation, she embraced her ability to help others heal from past trauma and discover their true path. Descended from a powerful Hungarian gypsy lineage, magic and intuition is in her bloodline. After training in multiple healing modalities, she developed her own techniques to guide others into mental, spiritual and physical health. Dawn currently has private clients across the United States, a monthly radio show, and facilitates workshops on authenticity. She enjoys nature, dance, and delighting in the five senses.

Co-Host: Kerry me to the Moon
Kerry Griffith is an Experience Designer. She cultivates a variety of ways for people to have creative expression through art, breath, movement, visualizations, ceremony and ritual. Passionate about providing opportunities for human connection. Kerry does this by holding space for small tribes of women to gather around the New Moon each month, and setting intentions together around a collective theme. Additionally, hosts/co-hosts Overnight & Weekend Retreats for those who are needing a little more depth and Self-Care in their lives. Lastly, Kerry is the founder of a large group gathering under the stars in Centerburg, Ohio called
The Sacred GEO Experience, loving referred to as “GEO” and “Sacred GEO”. and