Join psychic and medium Dawn Thompson for a fun and relaxing evening in the best salt cave in town! 
We begin our evening with a relaxing mindfulness mediation to let go of the stress of the day. 
After finding our inner calm, Dawn will give each participates a psychic message from their guides on life, love, or souls destiny. 

Let us show you how halotherapy can help you:
Tranquility Salt Cave is your sacred space. It is where you come when you want to unplug from the craziness of life. Relax.... Just Breathe!

alt therapy (Halotherapy) provides many healing benefits to the human body. 

The salt cave is lined with Himalayan rock salt boulders, and literally tons of granulated salt rest on the floor of the cave. 

The Himalayan rock salt is millions of years old and it contains over 84 trace minerals which are readily absorbed by the human body.

As pure salt is diffused into the salt cave, the healing begins. Negative ions are released into the air, helping to promote calmness and toxins begin to be removed from the air which you breathe. 

The salt is anti bacterial and begins to clear clogged mucous and debris from the lungs. Skin conditions may even improve after repeated salt sessions.

Call the cave to reserve your spot today! Limited to 10 seats per session. $45
(614) 859-3419

Dawn's psychic abilities came in strong after her first reiki training in early 2000's. She then continued to study yoga, meditation, polarity therapy, compassion communication and women's empowerment. 

Experiencing profound grief and trauma in early formative years led her to seek her own healing work. After over a decade of cultivating self love and acceptance she began facilitating personal sessions for others struggling with similar issues. This allows her to have a strong empathic connection with what you are going through.

Her own life experience combined with extensive training and psychic abilities have gifted her a variety of unique tools to share for the purpose of your healing.