• Tranquility Salt Cave (map)

Anxiety has become an epidemic in our culture.

If you are struggling with such an emotion, it can be crippling. You have tried everything and still it follows you into every day life.

Join Dawn of the New Era, together as a group you explore the spiritual and emotional context of stress and anxiety. Using guided meditation, breath and relaxation for relief you can take home with you.

Dawn will give you a intuitive reading to bring clarity on the cause of your stress and repression. (Each person has different causes and conditions.)
You will leave with spiritual coping tools and a sense of connection that typically allows relief from the pressures of general anxiety.
Each participant gets a workbook written by Dawn on her journey to healing anxiety.

Tranquility Salt Cave is the one and only salt cave in Columbus, Ohio. Tranquility Salt Cave is not your average cave. With the powerful use of salt from the Himalayas, only 45 minutes are needed to feel cleansed, inside and out.

Although around for centuries, salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, has only just recently become a sensation in the United States. With over 10,000 pounds of pure Himalayan salt lining the walls and heated floor, you'll experience an effortless and pain-free deep relaxation.

I’m Dawn, Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic
I used to be a hairstylist and I truly enjoyed my craft, but I was never fully satisfied.

After my traumatic birth experience with my daughter, I went back to work at the salon and found I...knew things.

I would ask a question of someone and know the answer before they spoke it.

I believe that this intuitive psychic power had been locked away when I was growing up. I experienced intense childhood abuse.

My power was waiting to be unlocked when I was ready and had the capacity to listen.

I started developing and opening up my own psychic, spiritual, body, and emotional pathways.

I became a trauma-informed healer.

As I worked with others, I quickly learned that one form of healing may not work for everyone, so I started learning as many forms as I could.

Over the past 15+ years, I became trained in countless practices, including reiki, polarity therapy, communication, psychic and medium readings, somatic intelligence, couple’s life coaching, and more.

I wrote two books “The Authentic Codes” (included in this mentorship) and “Journey into Healing Anxiety.”

Everybody is different and needs different tools. As a psychic, I am not a doctor and can't prescribe you anything. I can tap in and suggest supplemental holistic and emotional help.

Event is $45 and space is limited. Please call the cave to reserve your spot.

(614) 859-3419