• Tranquility Salt Cave (map)

Take self care to the next level as Dawn of the New Era takes you on a sacred journey. Utilizing Halotherapy, you will relax deep into your body to explore your heart's grief, joy, and deepest desires. After this profound guided meditation, you will leave with less anxiety, and a new found sense of peace. Start your year with pure authentic intentions and open your heart to a bigger capacity to love.

In this session Dawn hold space for you to heal unmet grief and deep hurts. You will be guided to clear and heal a heavy heart.

Excerpt from my 12 week course on authenticy;

"We all hold grudges, and it can be heavy. It is a weight in our bodies that makes us tired or can even cause illness.

If you let go of the pain, are you afraid that then it is as if the injustice didn't really happen? Are you afraid if you forgive, that the suffering you endured will forgotten?

The truth is no one will know or understand the extent to which you were hurt, betrayed, or abused. My biggest teaching toward embodying the enlightened authentic self is SELF compassion. And sometimes staying in the story or blaming can keep us from getting tender and feeling the grief that often joins in the hurt we feel.

Forgiveness isn't saying that the behavior was justifiable or ok. Forgiveness just means that you are ready to integrate and move on. It is a process, so be ever so gentle with yourself.”

Call (614) 859-3419 to reserve your spot. Cost: $45


Dry Salt Therapy offers improvements for many conditions such as:

Seasonal allergies
Coughs and chest congestion
Exzema and dermatitis
Improves lung functioning
Sleep disorders
Cystic Fibrosis
Stress and anxiety

About the facilitator:
Dawn Thompson is a modern high priestess medicine woman located in Columbus, OH. After 25 years of intense initiation, she embraced her ability to help others heal from past trauma and discover their true path. Descended from a powerful Hungarian gypsy lineage, magic and intuition is in her bloodline. After training in multiple healing modalities, she developed her own techniques to guide others into mental, spiritual and physical health. Shakti Shakedown is her monthly modern ecstatic dance party turned festival; with a mission of sensual pleasure and innocent play being the foundation to spiritual healing. Dawn is the author of The Authenticity Code’s online course and teachings. She developed multiple shamanic workshops including the beloved Journey into Healing Anxiety and Journey into your Hearts Desire. Hosting and attending transformation retreats are her passion. With private clients across the country, individual sessions are the foundation of her ministry. Dawn has a deep desire to travel and continue to grow through forward thinking innovative techniques.