The soul pervades into a journey of ancient lost teachings that utilize mind, body, and heart exploration.

Gnostic means;
relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge.

The Reiki Center
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$45 per class or
$120 series

Learn about the two faces of the feminine archetypal teachings ‘Eve and Lilith.’ Learn how the expectations of being female are forced upon us culturally, perhaps repressing our authentic self. This workshop is open to both men and woman that make a stand for healthy roles and mental health balance for woman. An ancient shamanic journey into the subconscious, you will leave this session knowing more about yourself.

Learn how to make choices and designs in life that work out for you! Learn how to say yes/no to people’s requests so powerfully, they will honor your choice. Learn when to expand your energy for protection, and retract it for rejuvenation. Discover more about how your body works to keep you safe, and how to come out of hiding to shine with confidence.

The final workshop of this series will bring absolute transformation in your life. Inspired by the teachings of Ancient Greece, Atlantis, and Egypt. Loss and grief can be healed on a whole new level. You can bridge the heart and mind like never before creating the insights you need to create a life you have only dreamed of. You will leave refreshed.

This series was channeled from the lost teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Your guide;
Dawn Thompson is a modern high priestess and intuitive life coach located in Columbus, OH. After 25 years of intense initiation, she embraced her ability to help others heal from past trauma and discover their true path. After training in multiple healing modalities, she developed her own techniques to guide others into mental, spiritual and physical health. Shakti Shakedown is her monthly modern ecstatic dance party turned festival; with a mission of sensual pleasure and innocent play being the foundation to spiritual healing. Dawn is the author of The Authenticity Code’s online course and teachings. She developed multiple workshops including the beloved Journey into Healing Anxiety and Journey into your heart. Hosting and attending transformation retreats are her passion. With private clients across the country, individual sessions are the foundation of her mission. Dawn has a deep desire to travel and continue to grow through forward thinking innovative techniques.