• The preserve on Calumet (map)
  • 3007 Calumet Street
  • Columbus, OH, 43202
  • United States

Take a Sunday afternoon, grab your girlfriend, and get recharged!
This Play shop was designed by psychic and intuitive life coach Dawn of the New Era to bring you the ultimate in indulgence, decadence and self care!
Baby... you DESERVE it !

Are you struggling with a full schedule that invokes anxiety and leaves you feeling stressed to the max?
Are you craving connection with other woman?
Are you an empath always giving to others and you feel drained?
Are you often lonely even when surrounded by people?
Would you like to be nurtured the way you nurture everyone else for a feeling of balance?

Your invited to an afternoon at the Preserve on Calumet,
A healing and restorative space for women and their allies. A tea house, apothecary and boutique in Clintonville!

Enjoy a psychic message, treats made for a goddess, move your body, and leave feeling on top of your game(the game of life that is!)

May 26th from 1-3pm for the guided playshop.
Stay after for Iderah's Tea and shopping in the boutique!

$35 investment for the guided playshop and intuitive mini reading message