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They are strange creature teenagers! Half child and half adult, you might find them hard to connect with. As frustrating as it can be, it is their job to reach for independence and autonomy.

In this era of technology, bonding time is non-existent or hard to schedule in. Yet, it is absolutely necessary as parents to keep a line of communication going and have special time with them.

Schedule this relaxing session with your teen, or one you know and care about. The focus of this time together is to relax, bond, and learn new forms of communication to understand each other more.

The tools you will learn:
-Decreasing anxiety
- Self Empowerment
-Conflict resolution

In this day and age, we need strong family units, and this is a loving way to create union in the home.

Investment for two $50 ($25 each)

Call to secure your space
Phone: (614) 859-3419

Your host is Dawn Thompson a minister, psychic, and spiritual coach. After training in multiple healing modalities, she developed her own techniques to guide others into mental, spiritual and physical health. Dawn is the author of The Authenticity Code’s online course and new era teachings. She developed multiple healing workshops including the beloved Journey into Healing Anxiety and Journey into your Hearts Desire. With private clients across the country, individual sessions are the foundation of her ministry. Dawn has a deep desire to travel and continue to grow through forward thinking innovative techniques.