4 weeks ★ Online to better fit your life ★ Engaged community of womxn ★ Personalized practices

Embody your full self

  • Are you feeling like there’s something missing, but aren’t sure how to move forward? 

  • How would you feel if you found a community where you felt safe and seen for who you really are?

  • Do you feel stuck & powerless in an endless cycle, job, or relationship that you know isn’t right, but aren’t sure why?

You can’t feel this way for the rest of your life. 

Everything changes.

spiritual mentorship program practices

You can empower that change.

Connect with clarity on what you want, empower yourself with tools to reach your vision, and be supported in a community of like-minded womxn. 

Join the online Spiritual Mentorship Program with Dawn Thompson, Intuitive Life Coach.

A one month pilgrimage to grow spiritually & live your best life.

Next session: October 1-31st, 2019

Join now.

“I didn't know what I was going to discover, but at the end of the month, I had discovered myself.”
- former student

Gather with others who are on the same journey. 

  • Private Facebook group & guided conversations so everyone is always connected. *optional private gatherings

  • Ask & receive empathic listening or psychic readings from Dawn via the Marco Polo app

  • Accountability & support on your practices to help turn them into habits

Embody personalized tools to support the connection between you & your deeper self. 

  • A 30-minute private call with Dawn to determine your personalized monthly physical and emotional practices

  • Find the practice that best connects with you - like meditation, specific yoga postures, your own breathing technique, personal chants, mindfulness, ancestor altar, & more

  • Forever access to Dawn’s Authentic Codes Book and Workbook

*Optional business and marketing teaching for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Clarity on what you deserve, what you want, and what will give you your power back. 

  • Weekly teachings and guided transformation work

  • Compassionate communication training to better listen to your inner self & others

  • A chance to learn about & develop your own psychic, empathic, and intuitive gifts.


Find your power, find your community

Registration closes October 1st.

spiritual practices mentoring

“Choosing to be in the mentorship was like giving myself the gift of time, space, and support. Having Dawn's support for a whole month long was incredible. I was able to recount things that were happening and she was able to dive in deeper and help me make a connection that had a real impact on my life.”

- former student


What you can expect every week

  • Week 1: Introduction & Grounding

    • Connect with each other and start building your spiritual community

  • Week 2: The Emotional Journey 

    • Acknowledge & process deeper or blocked emotions

  • Week 3: The Physical Body

    • Connect your emotions to your body to create a holistic healing process

  • Week 4: Custom Intuitive Week

    • Depending on your particular group’s needs, Dawn will craft a special weekly session.

“I loved the way Dawn structured the mentorship.
It was very accessible for me even when I was working close to 50 hours a week.”
- former student

Extra offerings for program members yearning for more 

*(must be near Columbus, OH)

20+ other womxn have found their power in this mentorship

Hear Stephanie’s story


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Your investment in yourself: only $444

Registration closes October 1st!

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dawn thompson intuitive life coach

I’m Dawn, Intuitive Life Coach

I used to be a hairstylist and I truly enjoyed my craft, but I was never fully satisfied.

After my traumatic birth experience with my daughter, I went back to work at the salon and found I...knew things.

I would ask a question of someone and know the answer before they spoke it.

I believe that this intuitive psychic power had been locked away when I was growing up. I experienced intense childhood abuse.

My power was waiting to be unlocked when I was ready and had the capacity to listen.

I started developing and opening up my own psychic, spiritual, body, and emotional pathways. 

I became a trauma-informed healer.

As I worked with others, I quickly learned that one form of healing may not work for everyone, so I started learning as many forms as I could.

Over the past 15+ years, I became trained in countless practices, including reiki, polarity therapy, psychic and medium readings, somatic intelligence, couple’s life coaching, and more.

I wrote two books “The Authentic Codes” (included in this mentorship) and “Journey into Healing Anxiety.”

Everybody is different and needs different tools.

This is why I created my Online Spiritual Mentorship. 

So many people were asking me for help supporting their own spiritual pathways.

This mentorship is my way of helping to heal and grow as many strong womxn as possible.


Not ready yet but know you will be soon?

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